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Letter to the Editor: Concord needs the New Concord team


The people of the Town of Concord need local government that will work for its residents. Our community has stated repeatedly economic and recreational opportunities must be addressed.   The New Concord team of Bill Krebs, Jon Hamann and Matthew Mayer will answer those concerns. It is encouraging to hear the long-ignored issue of rural high-speed internet access being discussed and solutions being proposed by the New Concord team as broadband internet is vital to growth of home-based small businesses, family life and education.  

I was thrilled to tour the town park with Krebs, Hamann and Mayer as they witnessed firsthand how the park has been neglected. The New Concord team pledged to address the fact that the bathrooms are not fully accessible, the snack stand is crumbling and the playground is aging.  The town park is a potential jewel if provided with the proper resources.  

The New Concord team is a terrific mix of experience, energy and forward thinking. Bill Krebs’ leadership as Mayor of Springville has used collaboration, shared services and grant funding to save tax dollars while improving the village. Jon Hamann, a small business owner, understands the finances related to rural economics. Matthew Mayer brings the energy and willingness to involve the voice of all stakeholders in town government. This is a team that is taking the time and putting in the effort to listen to Concord. That is something that we can all appreciate.

I encourage voters in the Town of Concord to elect Bill Krebs as supervisor, along with Jon Hamann and Matthew Mayer as councilmen on Nov. 7.


Chris Cerrone



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