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Letter to the Editor: Drake, Krezmien and Drozd will work best for Concord


It was a most difficult decision for me to retire as your Town Supervisor, to which I have dedicated my life during my time in office. My grandchildren are growing so quickly and it is my hope that I can spend more time with them while they are still shorter than I.

It is very disconcerting over the past several weeks as I have sat back and witnessed a very disappointing election season. No longer can I idly sit by without sharing the facts that supervisor candidate Krebs is choosing to ignore. Mr. Krebs continues to base his campaign on insinuations and half-truths.

Recently, on local television, Mr. Krebs was a major supporter of the Erie County-Wide Shared Services Plan. The Erie County website verifies that Mr. Krebs never attended or voted at the meeting in which the vote on that plan was taken.

The mayor has continued to make the Concord Senior Center an issue. Again, half truths. The Town has not cut staff and did not evict SCENe. The Town did have a contract with Healthy Community Alliance to employ a director. Concord agreed to cover half her salary and benefits amounting to approximately $25,000 per year. The fact is she spent less than 20 percent of her time working for the Town and was the highest paid salaried employee in Town government. This was not a very wise use of taxpayer funds. The monies that were saved by not renewing that contract were plowed back into programing for the Senior Center.

As the Town Supervisor, I have met repeatedly with Time Warner/Spectrum to push the expansion of broadband into the Town of Concord. We recognize how important internet has become to business, education and everyday life. We will continue to work with New York state to help fund broadband expansion into our town.

As I prepare to move on, I want to be 100 percent certain that everyone in the Town of Concord is continued to be heard! Candidates Clyde Drake, Phil Drozd and Jim Krezmien offer the Town the experience and dedication our community needs to continue to grow and progress. As longtime residents of our community, they are in touch with our needs, and most importantly, will take into account the ability of the taxpayer to fund those needs.

Clyde, Phil and Jim each maintain the one single characteristic I personally hold near and dear, that is, they are individuals with the utmost degree of integrity.

In working with them over the years, they have proven to represent only the best interests of our

community. Their honesty and dedication will assure that the Town of Concord will continue to move forward in the most and positive and beneficial manner.

Protect and preserve our community and vote Drake, Drozd and Krezmien on Nov. 7!


Gary Eppolito

Concord Town Supervisor


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