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Letter to the Editor: Elect Clyde Drake

My name is Bruce Luno and I have been a dairy farmer in the Town of Concord for most of my adult life. I first met Clyde Drake four years ago when he was serving as town board liaison to the town planning board, of which I am a member. Clyde made an immediate impression as he willingly listened to our concerns as a planning board and our side of issues affecting the town. We thanked him for listening and told him we knew he couldn’t change things by himself. Wow were we wrong! He immediately dug into our concerns, lobbied with other board members and worked to make corrections happen. I was pleasantly surprised as he talked openly with us about issues he was trying to correct and concern for all views on the issues.
I personally had a concern that Concord was a “Right to Farm Community” but we had not posted signs stating that fact as other communities had. The Town of Concord now has these signs thanks to Clyde. He has been a friend to the farmer, concerned about protecting farmland as we now work together on the master plan for the Town of Concord.
Working with the planning board, Clyde has tackled the tough issues of wind and solar energy. To both protect town residents and embrace green energy town laws have been passed on both forms of energy. The solar law was largely researched and written by town councilman Drake. Clyde has stressed to the planning board that he wants the building codes applied equally to all residents when plans are reviewed.
Clyde has demonstrated the ability to work with residents, town officials and other government entities. He is asking for our support on Nov. 7 as he runs for town supervisor to replace a retiring Gary Eppolito. Clyde’s team includes Jim Krezmien and Phil Drozd running for town council. I wish him well and strongly support this team to continue responsible town government.

Bruce Luno



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