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Letter to the Editor: Fragmentation is effective in destroying anything


Everything old is new again, so the song lyrics go. This will certainly be true according to the front page article “No Signal: Tower relocation causing issues” in the May 3, 2018 issue of the Springville Journal.

According to the “Buffalo station frequency switch schedule” in this article, we will no longer have any television in the area served by the Springville Journal by 2020, when the last of the stations reduce their signal power. No news, no weather forecasts, no information about which schools are closed because of the weather, no information on which of our fellow Americans need our help. We will be back to radio, you do remember this device, don’t you? Or maybe we will only have the weekly newspaper.

Fragmentation is the most effective method of destroying anything, Television is, for most of us, our primary daily source of information about events which give us our American identity. Erase this unifier and you have successfully begun to destroy the America that we now know. I realize that this may sound alarmist but look ahead to 2020. How many people in the Springville Journal service area have the hundreds of dollars a month that they can afford to spend on television, their primary source of daily information? If you are not connected to the rest of the country are you likely to participate in the national events?

I very much doubt that this area is the only one being affected by this fragmentation. If the country is fragmented enough, as is apparently happening, then trying to come together in a time of real crisis is going to be a monumental, if not impossible, task.


Joyce Abbott



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