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Letter to the Editor: Hoping to serve for another term as village trustee


My name is Terry Skelton, and I am writing to explain why I am seeking another term to serve as a Village Trustee. In the 10 years that I have been serving the village, the Village Board has accomplished many great things. We have been able to continually improve our village through economic partnerships with state, county and town officials. We have maintained and updated our village infrastructure through fiscally responsible spending and the awarding of state and county grants. We have built new parks and partnered with local businesses to help beautify our historic downtown. We have worked with state officials to secure grants for downtown and historic district property owners to enhance their buildings and homes. We have improved the walkability within the village with new crosswalks, curbing and the rails-to-trails pathway. With the expansion of our Public Safety Building on Franklin Street, we have enhanced our public safety by increasing the housing of appropriate fire fighting trucks and equipment, and improved our headquarters for village and county police and detectives.

Through the continued leadership of Mayor Bill Krebs and the experience that Kim Pazzuti and myself bring to the trustee position, I want to continue to serve the village residents and work diligently to improve village life. Please vote for the For Springville candidates on March 20, William Krebs, Kim Pazzuti and Terry Skelton. Proven leadership, experience and service.


Terry Skelton



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