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Letter to the Editor: Is attacking the NRA a mistake?


Maybe the public has forgotten that a citizen with an AR-15 stopped a mass shooter in the town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Stephen Willeford heard shots coming from across the street at the First Baptist Church. He immediately picked up his AR-15 and ran to the church and confronted the shooter. He shot the shooter in the leg and torso. Mr. Willeford is the hero that saved many people that day because he knew that immediately confronting the shooter could save many more lives. This why police since the Columbine shooting in Colorado are trained to immediately enter the building and confront the shooter immediately.

Mr. Willeford is a member of the NRA and a certified NRA instructor. Mr. Willeford said that if he had run out of his house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest, Kevlar and a helmet it might have been futile on his part. The AR-15 made all the difference. Here was a law-abiding citizen saving the lives of many with an AR-15.

Too bad that the Broward County Sheriff deputies didn’t enter the Parkland School District’s High School immediately. They may have been able to save many of the 17 students that died that day during the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. Too bad that the Broward County Sheriff’s Department did nothing after receiving 39 calls about the shooter at the school from 2010 to the present. Too bad the FBI did nothing after receiving two phone calls about the shooter. One caller even mentioned that this person Nickolas Cruz (shooter) wanted to be a professional school shooter. So much for our government protecting us.

Keep this story in mind as you watch the current movement to boycott the NRA and ban so called assault weapons. NRA members have done more to prevent gun deaths, and promote firearm safety, than any other citizen’s association in this country.

We should all want to keep guns in the hands of law abiding citizens like Mr. Willeford. He deserves a medal not a boycott. The liberal media thinks the government can defend its citizens. Just like they did in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen students died because our government failed them. Remember that the only person really responsible for your safety is you and the NRA can assist you with that endeavor with its many gun safety course.


Richard Kazmark



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