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Letter to the Editor: Many can’t afford monthly service


WIVB has forsaken many viewers who can’t afford cable or satellite television service and rely on free HD reception with special antennas. Recently, WIVB changed their frequency and saved money to increase their profit margin by shutting down their transmission tower in the Colden hills. WIVB chose to ditch the Southtowns and relocated transmission service to a Grand Island location.

This has resulted in many people, who can’t afford to pay for a monthly service and use an HD antenna, not being able to pick up the broadcast signal for only their channel.

Channel 2 and 7 have not forsaken the many (yet) for profit as did WIVB and now are a couple of the only few remaining free public television stations. I have called WIVB and tried to follow their instructions about re-scanning, and repositioning my HD antenna in another area of the house and higher and still get no reception. A few friends of mine have even gone out and bought high priced power HD exterior antennas hoping that would work only to be out $150. I would encourage everyone to complain to the FCC (if not for themselves but also for those they know who depend on and have lost service who won’t complain) at the FCC website.

Please consider the less fortunate and elderly who live on limited budgets who rely on free old fashioned television and file a complaint to the FCC about WIVB forsaking many of their loyal viewers for their own commercial profit.


Frank Kolbmann



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