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Letter to the Editor: Nate McMurray will make a great congressman


Nate McMurray, Supervisor for the Town of Grand Island, is running for Congress in the NY 27th District. As one of Nate’s constituents, I would like to share my own observation and experience with Mr. McMurray during his time in office.

Nate loves and cares about people. Not too long ago, Nate was in a grocery store and behind a woman who didn’t have enough money to pay for her bill. Nate paid for the woman’s groceries. In January, a young man was involved in a serious car accident here on Grand Island. Nate was one of the first observers to run to this gentleman’s aid. Mr. McMurray consoled the young man until our first responders arrived. Earlier this year, an 85-year-old woman walked into Mr. McMurray’s town hall office in tears. Her neighbors threatened to report her for not shoveling her sidewalk. So, Nate planned for the woman’s sidewalk to be shoveled.

During Nate’s time in office, he has motivated many community members to volunteer and work together. Our community has come together to do everything from planting flowers to volunteering to sit on advisory boards.

Nate lives up to his campaign promises. For 25 years I’ve observed other politicians and community activists fight for the removal of those darn toll booths. Nate promised to have the toll booths removed. As of April 16, cashless tolls went live on Grand Island. Another campaign promise was to refurbish or tear down an old dilapidated building that laid dormant for 23 years. As of July 1, this building is now a beautiful Holiday Inn Express.

For residents in the NY 27th Congressional District seeking an honest and ethical representative who will work hard for his constituents, I strongly recommend a vote for Nate McMurray.


Jean Orsini-Clabeaux

Grand Island


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