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Letter to the Editor: P-Tech is not a good idea for S-GI


I’m all for getting kids into the trades but P-Tech gets a resounding no vote from me.

In my 15 or so years as A.V. Technician at S-GI, I had worked in every inch of every building. The District Office is separate and suited to its purpose.

Visitors, lawyers in for proceedings, disgruntled individuals etc. come in for their matters away from students.

These same folks would be coming into the student-filled Middle School often if the District Office moves there. The new destination would be two former Home Ec. rooms and I see no way that all they intend to cram into that space will be suitable. In short time, I predict administration will come to the public stating we need more space, we can’t go back to the old spot, so pony up for a new building. Also daily deliveries safely made to the current location will have to go elsewhere.

The district phone lines enter the District Office now and that would also entail a big task moving it to another building.

Before I retired. I saw a number of badly thought out moves that didn’t work, and then more bad moves trying to make the first bad decision work.

I don’t have confidence in this administration and I think they are presenting us with a plan that we’ll be paying for long after they’ve made their money and moved on to greener pastures.

As for the kids who sign up for P-Tech, I wonder if they might be better off going to the trade companies on their own. After graduating they could be learning and earning in the two years that they would still be going to the same old high school, seeing the same schoolmates, waiting for their diploma, while their classmates have gone away to school out of the area or found work elsewhere.

I’ve seen “senioritis” where the seniors have had enough and are ready for change and I can’t imagine adding two years to that.

I was also a bus driver for a few years in the district, and I’ll be voting yes on the part of the budget for new busses.


Bob Muhlbauer



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