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Letter to the Editor: Reelect current Concord Town Board members


Concord residents, as your Town Superintendent of Highways, I look forward to continue to serve you into the future. The highway department represents a large portion of the annual town budget. With 25 miles of town owned roads to maintain, preventative maintenance, road construction plans are in place and re-evaluated on a yearly basis. The men working in the department are the backbone to maintaining safe town owned roads all year long. Drainage and erosion control, paving, oil and chip (CHIP’s) program, road recycling, roadside mowing and snow removal are completed annually. Shared services from the surrounding towns of Colden, Sardinia and the Village of Springville are utilized to complete each one’s major projects year after year. We all work together to keep our roads safe and in good condition for the traveling public. During the winter months, the Concord Highway Department utilizes two shifts daily to help keep the roads plowed and sanded. Concord is under contract to plow just under 62 miles of county-owned roads along with our own 25 miles.

I would like to make a few comments on the letter to the editor from Bill Krebs in the Springville Pennysaver, Journal and Times. In reference to his comments on Governor Cuomo’s tax cap, I as an elected official, am proud of the work the Town Board has accomplished to stay under the cap since the cap inception, and to be able to give the taxpayers some of their money back. Has the Village of Springville maintained the tax cap under his leadership? No!

His comment about Concord’s population growing is true. Yes, new development has occurred and tax revenues have increased and the town can still stay under what Bill calls an “arbitrary” tax cap and provide the services the residents have had. I attended the New York State Town Highway Superintendents Association’s Fall Conference in Ellicottville recently and one of the the lectures was on town budgeting. The NYS Comptroller’s Office gave the lecture and stated that the tax cap imposed by the Governor is a law and every effort should be made to maintain that cap figure when budgeting. His exact words were “This is not an arbitrary cap. It’s the law.”

What encourages people to move to Concord is our rural beauty and being fiscally sound in our budgeting. Plans are being discussed to upgrade and combine the Craneridge and Kissing Bridge Sewer Districts and Craneridge Lighting District. Plans are being discussed to upgrade the Town Park and the Highway Department facilities.

My final point is, how many Town Board Work Sessions or meetings have the “Elect New Concord Candidates” attended to know what is going on in Concord?


Dennis M. Dains

Concord Highway Superintendent


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