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Letter to the Editor: Republicans candidate should live with consequences


NY-27. Please take note that Chris Collins says he cannot focus on running a campaign while he defends himself. So how can he carry out his duties as a congressman? Meanwhile, he is continuing to collect a paycheck!

Rep. Collins cares so little about his constituents, that he may force our district to pay for a special election just so he can complete his third term and collect a federal government pension before he is forced to resign by incarceration. That’s $41,000 a year for the rest of his crooked life. He is that selfish! Republican strategists may try to get him off the ballot by appointing him to another office, such as town clerk, or town justice. But I ask you, what town wants someone under federal investigation to manage their finances, or sit as a town justice and pass judgment on others?

Republicans don’t care if any of this makes sense. They knew the charges were coming. They gambled that nothing would happen before the election. Now they want to get away with backing Collins, as if they didn’t know?

Collins also knew. He could have said he wouldn’t run again. What about all these Republican vultures now lining up to fill Collins’ seat? Did they call him out on his ethics charges? No! Did they mount a primary campaign to challenge Collins? No! Did they go through the efforts to get constituent’s signatures in support of their candidacy? No! Do they care about perverting Democracy? Now they want to waltz in and be the candidate. I say, no! They were all complicit in the Collins campaign. They should have to live with the consequences!


Gary Bernstein



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