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Letter to the Editor: Rose will be a great trustee


Over the past few weeks, our community has had the opportunity to consider some great candidates for the two seats available for village trustee. When I consider who I would like to have a voice in our local government, I know that I want someone young, who has a fresh perspective and can ask new questions, or see things from a different point of view. I also want someone who is future minded. Not only are they thinking about what can happen here and now, but is also planning for the future of Springville. As a young mom here in this community I want my kids to grow up in a safe and active downtown. I want them to be excited about the resources available in this village. I want them to get connected and stay connected to Springville.
I confidently recommend Elise Rose for Village Trustee. As a fellow young mom raising her children in this community, she is future minded. Elise has been actively involved in Springville Area Chamber of Commerce and she has a love for this village. Not only did she grow up and attend the public schools, she and her family live in the village and own Sheret Jewelers on Main Street. The enthusiasm and love Elise has for this community is what tells me she will be a great trustee. Vote Elise Rose on March 20!

Samantha Skura



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