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Letter to the Editor: Rose will lead Springville in the right direction


Small businesses drive our economy, and as a small business owner with a business in the heart of Springville, Elise Sheret Rose has the skills and the temperament to be a force that drives our village government as well.

In a few short years, Elise moved back to Springville after college, took over management of her family’s business, Sheret Jewelers, started a family with her husband Mike, and enthusiastically found ways to contribute to a better quality of life for our community. Elise has a very active role in the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce and was a founder of the Very Merry Main Street initiative, which has reinvigorated the retail corridor in the center of the village.

When you want to have a successful business, you make investments in great people who will lead your company in the right direction. Springville has an opportunity in this election to choose Elise Sheret Rose. She will lead Springville in the right direction.

Jeanne Ellis



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