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Letter to the Editor: Springville radio station to close


What a dismal end to a year! After being on the air for the past 30 years, WSPQ is going off the air. Advertisers were notified via a general mailing last week. It is too bad that the current owner couldn't get the formula right in order to survive in a great market in Springville and the surrounding area. Mr. Grant is a number cruncher and has no previous experience running a radio station and has no "hometown" pride.

WSPQ has been part of local history since the mid 80s. Remembering my weekend shift and some of the talent that has travelled through the Springville studios. Gail Ann Huber, Eric Wilson, Jim Ranny, Dee Dawson, Skip Tillinghast, Barry Maink, Chris Kline and others who didn't get mentioned.

The "Fun with Fred" morning show will be missed and I never thought it would end this way for Fred Haier.  We all will miss the local Tradeo, football, basketball, Bills and Sabres. We sure hope that there is an owner in the wind that will keep WSPQ alive to see another 30 years or more. The monies that Clancy and Stork Communications spent on getting WSPQ on the air is amazing. The time and sweat spent on getting the coverage maps made the stories what they were, right Gail? Meeting the first on air staff was exciting. The vision for the Springville area and the professionals that they all became. Going into the on air studio to tell Gail Huber the news of the space shuttle blowing up and her reaction to it.

Sorry Fred that it ended this way and retirement. You'll be an asset to the next owner.

Gary D. Tillinghast



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