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Letter to the Editor: Terry Skelton and Kim Pazzuti will be good for the village


I am running for the office of Mayor this year because I have strong sense of community service and because I want to keep our Village moving forward as a great place to live.

For this reason, I am endorsing the candidates in our For Springville independent party: Terry Skelton and Kim Pazzuti for trustees.

Terry Skelton has served the community as an appointed and elected official. He has years of experience in working on the Board of Springville Youth Incorporated. He is a successful businessman employed by Moog. He is a devoted father and grandfather who is dedicated to our Village.

Kim Pazzuti brings new proven experience to the board. She is an experienced educator. She has experience in educational leadership. She is a coach of two interscholastic sports teams. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Springville Youth Incorporated. She has chosen to raise her family in Springville. Like Terry, she has the proven leadership experience and dedication to lead our Village.

Local governments must be forward thinking, assertive and aggressive to improve their communities. Our recent progress in Springville needs to continue. My experience with proven leadership of Trustees will assure that Springville continues on this path, but we need a team with leadership skills and experience. New ideas themselves are just that – ideas. We need a team of elected officials who have the experience to build consensus and bring cooperative efforts to completion.

Please vote For Springville on March 20. Our community needs your vote.


Bill Krebs



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