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Letter to the Editor: Terry Skelton has worked diligently for the village


With village elections around the corner, I wanted to write a letter to endorse Terry Skelton as a Village Trustee. I have been listening to Terry promote the virtues of Springville ever since I left for college, and I am impressed with the growth of the village. As a former resident and Springville-Griffith Institute graduate, I didn’t think I would return once I left for college. I was wrong.

When my wife and I started looking for a place to settle down and raise a family, Terry’s love for the village rang true. It was important for us to find a place with a sense of community that supports the arts and was safe. Additionally, we were drawn to Springville by the beautiful historic district, well maintained streets and utilities as well as affordable taxes. Terry has worked diligently over three terms as Village Trustee to better this community. Also, he has worked in various positions for Springville Youth Incorporated as president, vice president and currently treasurer. In the end, he has made Springville an easy place to come back to.

Please go out and vote on March 20 for Terry Skelton so that he may continue to work to improve the village.


Tyler Skelton



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