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Letter to the Editor: The Town of Concord needs Bill Krebs


People ask me all the time – what is going on at the Senior Center?

Our Senior Center is not the same since things changed in January of 2017. I cannot go to the Center and be with people or have a conversation with someone who would take the time to help me with my concerns. The “ray of sunshine” is no longer there. Since the Center is not open full-time, you can’t enjoy talking with people, ask for help or find someone to talk to because you are lonely, afraid or just need support from another person.

We need a fully functioning Senior Center. We need to have our minds stimulated by having interesting programs that help our bodies, mind and offers new areas of interest. I think it should be more than a place for clubs to meet. It would be nice to meet new friends and talk with old friends.

There is a need for a change on the Town of Concord Board. There needs to be new ideas, different ways of looking at things and they need to listen to the concerns of those of us who live in this town.

Bill Krebs has the experience. He and his wife live in Springville and they want the best for all of the people in the Town of Concord. Bill is honest and he takes the time to listen to me and answer my questions. Jon Hamann and Matt Mayer bring new ideas and new ways of looking at things to improve life in the Town of Concord.

I hope we can change things for the better by voting for Bill, Jon and Matt in November. We have a choice.


Norma M. Lightcap



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