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Letter to the Editor: Time for a change in town government


In our changing world, it is not good enough to keep the status quo. That is why there is a need to improve our town government.

The people of the Town of Concord deserve to have members of the board who are respectful of the people who live in this town and of the people who advocate for the residents. We need leaders who are open-minded and are willing to receive feedback from the community. They need to be willing to examine the systems that are already in place to make sure they are relevant, apply for grants that would benefit the town and have sound fiscal practices.

We need a change!

There is a choice in the upcoming election and you can choose Bill Krebs for supervisor. He encourages partnership wherever it is possible – which encourages cooperation and also helps control costs. Bill understands the importance of grants. They bring money for projects that improve the area. If we don’t utilize grants, the tax money goes elsewhere.

As Mayor of Springville, Bill has brought many improvements to the village. He developed a team that works well together and communicates well with the public. He welcomes input from members of the community and wants to see the town thrive. Bill has the experience necessary to take control and move the town forward for the benefit of the town residents.

Jon Hamann and Matt Mayer are candidates for the councilman positions. They have fresh ideas and the desire to serve their community. They are willing to work for the improvement of the town in which they live with their families.

A vote for New Concord leadership is a vote for progress.


Mary Jane Miess

East Concord


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