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Letter to the Editor: Using the Mafia approach to get rid of ants


Maybe it is because our home is in the woods, that every spring ants feel obligated to explore it. Who knows why. Perhaps it is some rite of passage for adolescent ant males.

Uninvited guests are sometimes troublesome. Uninvited formic visitors are always troublesome. There are a number of products available to eliminate them.

Some we have tried, some we have not. We have never tried the little round ant traps, for example. I wonder how they work. I assume the ant is lured in through one of the little holes in the side. I wonder if there are little traps in there, kinda like mouse traps, that snap down on their little necks when they attempt to take the bait. That would be mercifully quick. Leg traps, on the other hand, could lead to prolonged suffering.

Regardless of the execution technology employed, the ant trap seems terribly inefficient, killing one at a time.

Sprays may work somewhat better, leaving deposits of chemicals that the ants may trek through before having that uh-oh realization and then dying.

This only kills the trespassers.

On the other hand, we have employed a mafia philosophy of ant control. The product is Terro. We place dabs of it on tiny pieces of cardboard here and there. The plan is for the adventuresome ants to think they have come across a wonderful food trophy to take home to brag about and then share.

That's why I call it a Mafia approach. We not only kill the miscreant interloper, we kill his whole family.

It is ruthless, I know. But sometimes situations call for drastic responses.


Paul Lawton



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