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Letter to the Editor: WSPQ will be missed


For 31 years WSPQ was truly “our hometown radio,” our daily source of local news and entertainment. The “Fun with Fred Morning Show” has been our wake up show as we started our day. Fred’s “What’s the Word” contests had us scrambling for our dictionaries at 8:20 in the morning! To figure out which simple word fit his definitions (words like “hard” and “rub”). The TV Trivia contest had us listening to see if the TV theme song was “My 3 Sons,” “Bonanza” or “The Jetsons.”

Saturday mornings “Country Music Classics” has been a staple in our house for years. I remember when Tradeo had so many callers that they were limited to the number of items per call. Craigslist and Sirius radio will never have this local flavor and personal interaction.

Fred kept us informed of local conditions, for example if an accident, fire or flooding closed a local main route, also school closings.

“Paul Harvey’s News and Commentary” after the noon news and his “Rest of the Story” was our daily routine. And commentaries from Dr. James Dobson about family life, the “Huckabee Report” and “Something to Think About” gave us thoughtful, intelligent ideas to consider. I so prefer this to the divisive, negative slant we are offered by our Buffalo paper and radio. He regularly interviewed people of interest to our community giving them a platform to discuss their organization’s goals and ideas to keep listeners informed of what was happening in our town. Whether broadcasting high school football games, announcing the parade at the annual Dairy Fest parade or an open house at a small business. WSPQ showcased our local celebrations. Like Gentner’s auction and the Springville Center for the Arts. WSPQ was a gem of a resource unique to our town!

So thank-you Fred and all your associates for everything you’ve done to highlight our area, inform and entertain us. It was a pleasure welcoming you into our homes for 31 years. We’ll miss you.


Annette Noto


P.S. Like the happy ending in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” wouldn’t it be great to have another owner to resurrect our hometown radio?


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