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Jagord hired as sports reporter

SPRINGVILLE—Mark Jagord has been named the Springville Journal’s full time sports reporter. A member of the Journal team for the last two years, Jagord has been working as a freelance contributor. Beginning April 5, he is the first full-time sports reporter in Journal history.

“I’m looking forward to providing better coverage,” Jagord said about his new position.

Jagord has covered both Springville-Griffith Institute and Ellicottville Central School sports. He has followed alumni of both districts, with stories about their post-high school sports career. Working as a contributor, Jagord has also covered community events, taking photos of the SCENe Garden Walk, fire installation dinners and community plays.

As a full time reporter, Jagord will continue in much the same capacity. His knack for storytelling, combined with his eye for photography makes him an ideal fit for the publication. Though he covers high school sports, it isn’t the teams that keep him coming back.

“I don’t really root for a [professional] team,” he said. “Instead, I root for the team tailing up to tie the contest. I actually root more for individuals in the form of Cinderella stories or underdogs that make an unexpected contribution and save the day for their team. The unsung heroes of the game.”

His affinity for a good comeback is apparent in his photography. Gracing the pages of sports, Jagord’s photos capture the emotion and feeling of the players, coaches and fans.

“I’m looking for either unusual movement, as far as contorting body movements, and also for reaction, patriculary in facial expressions,” he said. “I tend to gravitate to a sport where teams or individuals battle most and the competition increases continuously.”

As for high school sports, Jagord joked there is one thing that keeps him coming back.

“The cheap gate admission,” he laughed.

On a serious note, he said the readers and community drive his coverage. Youth sports, he said, typically get the most response from the players and their families.

He welcomes anyone with a good sports story to contact him and will be seen around all fields, tracks and courts this spring. To speak with Jagord, call 794-3072.


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