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Noeller makes lacrosse history for Springville

EDEN—While Springville has a girls lacrosse team, the district technically still doesn’t have a boys team. But Dylan Noeller’s participation with Eden High School’s team officially changed the team’s name to Eden/Springville for the 2018 season.

With all of the other Springville sports teams seasons well in the books, Noeller was the last Springville athlete this spring to compete in a team environment as the Eden/Springville boys lacrosse team dropped the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Class-C title game 11-10 to West Seneca East at Williamsville North High School May 30.

It was a see-saw affair that saw Noeller’s team take a 6-3 lead only to have the Trojans score eight unanswered goals to go up 11-6. The game ended with an impressive rally by Eden/Springville that saw them get within a goal with about 90 seconds to go.

“We had played them earlier in the season and had beaten [West Seneca] by a goal, so I figured it would be a close game,” Noeller said. “Unfortunately, instead of us beating them by a goal again they beat us by one this time.


“It didn’t seem like the game wanted to go for us that day. There was that open net that we missed and the one goal that got called back,” Noeller said about two potential goals that could have resulted in a different outcome.

Noeller referred to his team having possession with the West Seneca goalie caught out of the net, but unable to get a shot on goal with the empty net. In the other instance, a goal was called back only because an extra official placed near the scorer’s table disallowed it although no on-field official did.

Aside from the outcome, Noeller was ecstatic about the opportunity to join Eden this year as the first-ever Springville boys lacrosse player.

An admitted lacrosse enthusiast, Noeller made several attempts to start a team at Springville over the years with no success.

The opportunity presented itself because Eden was looking to move up from Class D and could only do so with a merge with another school. Reaching out to both North Collins and Springville, Noeller ended up being the answer that the Red Raiders were looking for.

Getting to know a whole new team and transportation were probably the biggest obstacles, but in the end Noeller says it was well worth it.

“It was a very cool experience and the sport definitely brings you close together with a lot of people. The 24 new faces (of the Eden players) ended up being very impactful in my final varsity season of high school sports,” he said. “It was very different, but also an opportunity of a lifetime. The group on this team had more heart than any other team I’ve played on and I would recommend others to take advantage of this same opportunity moving forward.”

The senior’s lacrosse team was undefeated in regular season league play and ended up 13-3 after playoff wins against Williamsville South and Iroquois. Noeller, who plays defense, is considering trying out for Ithaca College’s club team after settling in a year as a physical therapy major after high school.


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