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Gooseneck Hill holds festival

DELEVAN—The Gooseneck Hill Waterfowl Sanctuary was the scene of merriment on the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 27.  The owners of the facility, Milt and Rosemary Miner, opened their doors to the public for the annual Wild Wing Festival. Attendees were able to take advantage of a host of activities.

As guests exited their cars, music could be heard through the hills, which was provided by Gene Hilts and the Rustic Ramblers. Milt Miner was in charge of providing tours of the aviary, which is located on top of the hill, while his wife, Rosemary, gave tours of the facilities down below. The Colden Mill provided food.

Inside the garage, there was a theme auction as well as a silent auction. There was also a table, where folks had the opportunity to purchase duck items, sweatshirts and polo shirts. This event gave people a chance to commune with nature in the beautiful habitats. There was also a constant reminder that it also gave attendees a chance to support this very worthy cause.  


The mission statement of the Gooseneck Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is: “To protect waterfowl in a natural habitat and foster the preservation of endangered species. To promote community: appreciation, awareness, acceptance and education in order to preserve and conserve waterfowl.” As far as funding goes, the sanctuary is “not-for-profit and receives no federal, state or local monies. One hundred percent of all donations are used for the care, propagation and preservation of the species at Gooseneck Hill.” This annual fundraiser is held to defray the cost of capital improvements, additions and projects.

If you are interested in making a donation, call 942-6835.


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