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SCA presents second annual Staged Shorts

SPRINGVILLE—Springville Center for the Arts and the Springville Players will be presenting a variety of short shows throughout different genres with the production of their second annual SCA Staged Shorts at the Carol Mongerson Theater, located at 37 N. Buffalo St. Performances will be Aug. 17 and 18 starting at 8 p.m.

The SCA Staged Shorts will showcase nine short plays, each around 10 minutes long, that were all produced by different playwrights from Western New York and will all have a different director running the show. The plays produced range from comedies to dramas and Producer Matt Boyle said there will be something for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

“The great thing about the 10-minute [plays] is that if you don’t like the play that you are watching, it will be over in 10 minutes and there will probably be something that you like,” Boyle said. “People will be surprised at how much can be put into a 10-minute play, they will be surprised by the ideas and people will be surprised by how touching and funny the plays are.”

Plays this year will include “Spirit of Buffalo,” written by Donna Hoke and directed by Catherine Burkart; “Over the Tears,” written by Mark C. Lloyd and directed by Brandon Allistair Czerwinski; “Snow Patterns,” written by Jim Marzo and directed by David Moran; “Odd Scouts Out,” written by Jean Dlugos and directed by Rick Manzone; “The Offer,” written by Bella Poynton and directed by Edwin Heary; “Guns and Roses,” written by Mike Randall and directed by Mike Kowal; “Making America…Great Again?,” written by Karen McDonald and directed by Pamela Morley; “Pylon and Thunderthighs,” written by TJ Snodgrass and directed by Boyle and “Coming Home,” written by Anna Kay Francis and directed by Joseph Cassidy.

Now in its second year, Boyle said they are building off what they did last year to make this year even more successful. This year, playwrights submitted a synopsis of their work so directors and actors had a better understanding of which play they wanted to be involved with. Last year, directors had a chance to show their performance on preview night to other directors and get feedback, but was too close to opening night to make all the changes. This year, the timeframe is longer and the directors will get more time to work with a team of longtime directors; Tom Durham, Sue Sorensen and Don Wesley.

“We are being more efficient in how we do it,” Boyle said.

Boyle said what’s unique about Staged Shorts is the opportunities it gives to both new directors and actors. While there are plenty of seasoned directors in this year’s performance, some will be directing their first ever show and this style of performance allows for an initial stepping stone before moving up to direct a full-length performance. Boyle said this performance also lends well to actors and actresses don’t feel they can memorize a full play or want to test the waters before trying something bigger.

“We wanted to give people who were acting a chance to direct … so here is a 10-minute piece to see how well they do and they can see if they like directing,” Boyle said. “It’s also a great place for new actors … some of the actors have not been in anything before. If you say to a person do you want to act, some say I have always wanted to act but there is a lot memorization and I don’t know if I can do it. People feel they can do that and the directors and actors work together and make something special.”

Tickets will be $12 general admission and $10 for seniors and students.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call 592-9038.


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