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Candle fire extinguished by deputy

CONCORD—Erie County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a residential fire on Springville-Boston Road in the Town of Concord on Aug. 3, just before 5 p.m.

When the deputies arrived, a babysitter and a 2-year-old child had exited the dwelling and were waiting near the road. The guardian explained that all persons were out of the structure, but there was a puppy and two cats inside.


A deputy entered through a basement access door and climbed a staircase to the kitchen. As a layer of smoke, about three feet thick, began collecting at the ceiling, the deputy located the room where the smoke was originating. He entered the bathroom and observed a fire approximately 18 inches in diameter and about six inches high next to a bath tub. The deputy used three bowls of water to extinguish the fire and waited for fire personnel to clear the remainder of the house.

East Concord fire personnel discovered a puppy inside the dwelling and removed it to safety. The puppy was not harmed. Later, emergency personnel discovered the cats had escaped the house on their own.

The cause of the fire is believed to be from a candle that may have reignited and spread to some plastic toys. The fire was contained to the bathroom and there was no estimate of damages.


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