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Charlie 'the fire dog’ helps put out Springville fire

SPRINGVILLE—A grass fire was detected in Springville thanks to the help of an unlikely hero; a 7-year-old pit bull named Charlie.

Around 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 3, Terry Plunkett noticed her dog Charlie was fidgety and whining and thought he just needed to go outside. When he would not come back inside the house, Plunkett decided to take him for a walk.

“I let him out and when I went to check back on him five minutes later, he was still sitting out there looking down the street and looking at me and refusing to come in the house,” Plunkett said.


After putting on his leash, Charlie started to drag his owner from their house on the corner of North Street and North Central Avenue down North Street, down North Buffalo Street and ending up at Franklin Street. When they arrived at Franklin Street, Plunkett noticed some white smoke near Springville Center for the Arts and realized there were smoldering embers within some mulch. Plunkett then went over the the control center to report what she found and firefighters shortly put out the embers.

“He must have smelled it all the way from my house because he dragged me right to it,” Plunkett said. “I could tell from the way he was acting he was going for something … It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen him do.”

Plunkett said with Charlie being a pit bull and sometimes having an angrier sounding voice, it was nice to be able to show the real personality of her dog and show that not all pit bulls are as bad as they are sometimes perceived to be.

“He sometimes gets a bad rap because his bark sounds ferocious … he is just a big baby and loves people,” Plunkett said. “It’s cool that he can do something good and people can say ‘what a good dog’ and I can say ‘he is a good dog, he just sounds vicious.’

“[Pit bulls] get a bad rap and it can happen with any breed where somebody does something with one dog and the whole breed is labeled bad and that is not the case, you have to go dog by dog,” she said.


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