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Jury duty phone scammers calling Erie County

ERIE COUNTY—The Erie County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Timothy Howard are warning residents to ignore a phone scam asking for money.

Howard reported his office has received calls regarding a scam targeting Erie County residents in which an individual claims to be a deputy.

The individual, who claims to be an Erie County Sheriff's Office Sergeant using the name Robert Stzeczario, badge # 40591, contacted residents and stated the person failed to appear for jury duty. The caller threatened to arrest the individual if a fine of $2,500 is not paid.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office is warning Erie County residents to ignore this scam and recommending people just hang up the phone if they receive a similar call.

The Sheriff's Office does not contact residents via phone for the purpose of serving warrants or collect fines through a third party pre-paid card service.

Sheriff's Office detectives are investigating two incidents where individuals paid the fines but have been unsuccessful in contacting the perpetrators via the numerous phone numbers being utilized. Detectives believe the calls are being generated from a disposable phone or via the internet and the calls are untraceable.

The best advice, says the Sheriff’s Office, is to just hang up.


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