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Krencik named as suspected shooter

BUFFALO – Nicholas Krencik has been identified as the individual who allegedly entered the Springville Country Fair with a sawed-off shotgun around 10:20 last night. Krencik has a previous arrest for criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and a parole violation for assault.

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, at a press conference, said the motivation is still unclear at this time. 

"To speculate on motivation at this time would be inappropriate," Howard said.

Krencik entered the store around 10:20 p.m. while carrying the gun. It's unclear if any verbal threats were made, Howard said. Krencik left the building, where he fired at least one round. When deputies arrived on scene, Krencik fired another round, according to Howard.

He ignored multiple commands to drop the weapon, and two deputies fired their pistols. At least one shot hit Krencik in the lower chest, Howard said. Krencik was taken to Erie County Medical Center, where he is listed in serious condition. 

Krencik, 34-years-old, has two addresses, one in the Town of Ashford and one in the Town of Collins. 

The investigation is ongoing.


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