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Police Report, Nov. 2

Friday, Oct. 13

Sardinia – A caller reported several large bulls in the front yard of a farm on Olean Road. The bulls went back into the pasture and the owner was notified.


Sunday, Oct.  15

Boston – Jason R. Weaver, 37, of Springville was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, UPM, AUO in the third degree and suspended registration at approximately 1:55 a.m. on Boston State Road. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Sardinia – Downed wires caused a tree to catch fire on Miller Avenue. The fire department responded. NYSEG was also notified.


Monday, Oct. 16

Sardinia – A one-car injury accident on Creek Road was apparently the result of a road rage incident. The driver of the vehicle being passed allegedly gave the driver of the passing vehicle the middle finger and then swerved causing the driver of the passing vehicle to lose control and go off the roadway into some trees. One of the occupants was taken to the hospital for treatment. Both operators were ticketed.


Tuesday, Oct. 17

Orchard Park – Dalton J. Nelson, 19, of Colden was charged with UPM, AUO in the third degree and speeding on the Route 219 Expressway at approximately 2:49 p.m. He was issued an appearance ticket.


Thursday, Oct. 19

Sardinia – A vehicle traveling westbound on Route 39 struck a deer causing all of the vehicle’s airbags to deploy. No injuries were reported and the vehicle was towed.

Friday, Oct. 20

Springville – Nirimar Delacruz, 24, of Salamanca was charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration following a traffic stop on the 219 Expressway. She was ticketed and released. The vehicle was towed.


Saturday, Oct. 21

Springville – Patrol investigated a three-car injury accident on West Main Street that sent several occupants to the hospital as a precaution. The accident was apparently caused by one of the vehicles following too closely.

Springville – All parties involved in a landlord/tenant dispute on Smith Street were advised.

Springville – A male was attempting to assist an intoxicated female laying on the ground on Waverly Street into his vehicle. Patrol gave the female a ride to the substation where a family member picked her up.


Sunday, Oct. 22

Concord – A homeowner on Genesee Road was cleaning his stove by utilizing the self-cleaning option discovered the appliance had caught on fire. He was able to unplug it and drag it outside prior to the arrival of the fire department and police. No damage was reported to the residence.

Springville – An Xbox was among the items taken from a residence on West Main Street by a person(s) who apparently entered through a window. Total value of items was said to be $330.


Monday, Oct. 23

Colden – A motorist reported she struck a tree that had fallen on Partridge Road. No injuries were reported but damage to the front end of her vehicle was said to be extensive.

Colden – Patrol removed a tree from the roadway on Center Street that was blocking the southbound lane.

Concord – NYSEG was notified for a utility pole that was on fire on Crump Road after a tree fell into it. The fire extinguished itself but the road had to be shut down while crews worked on the problem.

Springville – Eggs were thrown at St. Aloysius Church and some statues on Franklin Street sometime overnight. No damage was reported.


Tuesday, Oct. 24

Concord – A Mill Street resident reported a male who told her she was being investigated for money laundering and drug trafficking contacted her through Facebook messenger. He then wired $2,500 into her account and had her send him back $2,400 worth of iTunes gift cards to “investigate” other criminals. Bank personnel then contacted her.

Sardinia – An employee at Fitness Connection reported an outlet was smoking and black. The call was transferred to the fire department.

Springville – A passing driver reported a bear had been struck on the southbound 219 Expressway and was still alive. The driver was blocking the bear with his vehicle. The driver then reported that the bear was actually a garbage bag in the roadway.


Wednesday, Oct. 25

Boston – A traffic stop on the southbound 219 Expressway resulted in the arrest of James E. Uptegrove, 45, of Buffalo, who was charged with UPM as well as two vehicle and traffic violations. He was released on an appearance ticket.

Concord – A tractor-trailer struck a utility pole on Genesee Road and left the scene. NYSEG and Verizon were notified and responded.

Concord – A vehicle that was stopped for a lighting defect on the 219 Expressway resulted in the arrest of the driver, Stacy A. Dearmyer, 42, of Springville, who was charged with AUO in the second degree after it was discovered that he was driving with a revoked non-driver’s ID only. He was also charged with unlicensed operation, no interlock device and a lighting defect violation. He was taken to the Holding Center in lieu of $250 bail.


Thursday, Oct.  26

Boston – A traffic stop on Wohlhueter Road resulted in the arrests of both occupants. The driver, Joshua S. Kessel, 22, of Colden, was charged with AUO in the second degree after he was found to be driving with a suspended non-driver ID only. He was also charged with a tint violation and was taken to the Holding Center in lieu of $500 bail. A passenger, Mark F. Shanks, 23, of Orchard Park, was charged with UPM. Shanks was released on an appearance ticket.



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