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Sheriff’s K9 team locates man in woods

BOSTON—Erie County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call in Boston on July 29 when a man in his mid-20s argued with family members and fled into a wooded area.

The K9 team of a deputy and Cort responded to the wooded area and began to track, using scent from an article of the subject's clothing, Cort led the search.


The police dog advanced into the woods and along some trails to a point where trails intersected. The dog searched the area around the intersecting trails and detected the scent path of the subject. Cort took the deputies to a creek bed and began an air scent search for the individual.

After about one-half mile, Cort alerted on the scent and the individual was located on the bank of the creek and was found to be in good health.

Cort is a 7-year veteran of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and is certified in narcotics detection, tracking and other police services.


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