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Springville youth face hate-crime charges

ARCADE—Four people are facing hate crime charges after a weekend vandalism spree in Arcade. Three of the four men charged are from Springville. Vehicles and other property were spray painted with racial slurs and at least one swastika, according to the Arcade Police Department.

Damien R. Brown, 20, of North Collins, two 16-year-olds and one 17-year-old of Springville, were arraigned July 2. The individuals were charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree: a felony hate crime, disorderly conduct and conspiracy in the fifth degree.

“The Arcade PD called me [July 1],” Justin Haggerty, a Maple Street resident whose vehicle was tagged, said. “I was upset at first, but I brushed off what was going on and found a way for the paint to be taken off and [decided to] let the justice system run its course.”


The Arcade Police Department’s investigation revealed nine vehicles, one boat, two bridges and a couple stop signs in the Village had all been tagged with graffiti. Reportedly, there was also damage in the Town of Yorkshire.

The APD was able to identify the suspects and interviewed them accordingly. During the interview, police discovered the suspects were responsible for the vandalism in Arcade as well as in multiple towns stemming from a few months back.

“It was learned [the suspects] were responsible for vandalism in the Town of Orchard Park and in the Town of Sardinia,” a press release from the APD said. “In the Town of Sardinia, the Town Park was vandalized approximately a month ago.”

Brown was remanded to Wyoming County Jail, in Warsaw, in lieu of $1,500 cash or $3,000 bail bond. The three Springville teens were arraigned in Arcade Justice Court and released on their own recognizance to the care of their parents. They are all to appear in court at a later date.

“There is no need for me to remain upset about the situation,” Haggerty said. “I am disappointed to know those kids have gone down the wrong path. But, society is not perfect. Arcade PD has done an amazing job with finding the suspects, [I] couldn’t ask for a better group of officers in the Village.”


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